Industries Served

4S Cyber Solutions provides industry wide cybersecurity compliance assessments for all industries which generate, manage, and transfer information.  4S Cyber Solutions can provide HIPAA, NIST 800-53 and Risk Management Framework (RMF) for assessment and compliance measures in the following industries:

  • Health IT Services
  • Financial Services
  • Education Services
  • Government Services

Left, you can also view a brief animated video, which features additional cybersecurity professionals talking about what the framework means to their organizations. These experts from Intel, Microsoft, Telos, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Restaurant Association worked with NIST, other agencies and industry and academia to develop the framework. Like the framework itself, the video is not only for those in the trenches of cybersecurity, but also those in the C-suite, who make funding and business decisions that affect cybersecurity.

Health IT Services

Healthcare providers and insurers are faced with a range of challenges when it comes to healthcare data security. At 4S Cyber Solutions, our Team can perform your HIPAA-HITECH security assessment with ease ensuring you our customer, and your organization are compliant with industry-wide standards.

Financial Services

Cyber-attacks against the financial services industry are increasingly sophisticated and frequent. It has been reported that 45% of financial services experience between one and five breaches in the past year and cybersecurity for financial services is imperative.  At 4S Cyber Solutions, we ensure financial organizations’ IT Assets are protected by providing a sound security assessment utilizing industry-wide security regulations such as the NIST 800-53/Risk Management Framework (RMF).

Education Services

According to studies in cybersecurity awareness regarding Colleges and Universities, security doesn't always top the list of university leaders' priorities.  However, with risks and consequences rising, it's important to get security on the radar at the executive level and establish a comprehensive strategy that has buy-in from the top down.  At 4S Cyber Solutions, we perform Risk Management Assessment ensuring you our customer and your organization are compliant with the latest industry-wide requirements.

Government Services

In a world of cybersecurity, governments often struggle to keep abreast with an ever-changing threat environment.  4S Cyber Solutions provides a comprehensive assessment with ease to meet governmental entity’s goal of obtaining an Assessment and Authorization (A&A) for systems to operate in accordance with Department of Defense standards.  At 4S Cyber Solutions we conduct Federal, State, and Local government assessments under the Risk Management Framework (RMF) security platform.